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B-6 w/ Magnesium chewable by Kirkman Labs 120 wafers - Product Image

B-6 w/ Magnesium chewable by Kirkman Labs 120 wafers

Some children just won't take high potency vitamin and mineral products such as Super Nu-Thera. The strong tastes or various textures of such products are recognized immediately by some of the kids and compliance with such products becomes prohibitive. Many of these children also can't swallow tablets or capsules. Many of the parents and the doctors of this very particular group of children want to give nutritional supplements but can't get compliance with the high potency type products. In order to get compliance, this group of parents is often forced to use lower potency, heavily sweetened and strongly flavored products such as Kirkman's Children's Chewable or commercially available chewable formulas. The kids seem to accept these types of products because they taste more like "candy".
Price:   $19.95 
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