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About Hopewell Pharmacy

Compounding Services
Nutritional Counseling

Compounding Services

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Pharmacy has lost sight of some of its founding principles, notably the art of extemporaneous compounding. Our pharmacy is taking a giant step backward to provide the basic option to have medicine compounded to meet special needs. Using commercially available products, high-tech molds, bulk chemicals, and new drug-delivery systems, we can create a huge number of alternative dosage forms.

Until now, the practitioners who wanted to customize medicinal therapy for a particular patient found little or no support from manufacturers or pharmacists. You now have the opportunity to initiate that customized therapy.

Each compounded prescription is created to your specifications to meet your patient's unique needs. With today's technology, yesterday's art, and currently available dosage systems, the list is almost endless.

We Can:
  • Change Dosages and Strengths
  • Eliminate Preservatives
  • Make Combination Drugs
  • Change Flavors and Colors
  • Make your own Formulations

  • Your Needs

    Back To The Future?

    It has been said that before we can look into the future we must look to the past. Although many disease states can be treated with standard forms of drugs, today's practitioners are increasingly more frustrated by the lack of commercially available products or dosage forms. Using time-honored techniques, coupled with today's knowledge of therapeutic chemistry, our pharmacists are indeed carrying the past into the future.

    Meeting Your Needs

    Please call us if you have any questions about our capabilities to specially compound any formulations that you desire.

    Nutritional Counseling

    One of the services we offer at The Hopewell Pharmacy is free nutritional counseling with a certified nutritional consultant. A nutritional consultation can be conducted in person or via telephone at your convenience. Our nutritionists are eager to help you get started on an individualized vitamin/supplement regimen that will maximize your health potential.

    Our nutritionists have access to " Nutrabalance " a state-of-the-art software program used to customize nutritional therapies based on the results of individual blood tests. A report is generated that contains dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and vitamin/supplement regimens.

    We carry a full line of vitamins, supplements, herbal formulations and homeopathic products. All orders are available for pick-up, or delivery via UPS.

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